In response to the escalating spread of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) we would like to reassure our clients and other visitors to our offices that we are and will follow UK Government recommendations and putting in place measures to help mitigate the risk of increased infections.

Unless instructed by the Government our offices remain open and staffed on site.  We can therefore provide a full service to clients as normal and arranged appointments can go ahead and can be booked.

Given the current situation, however, we fully understand that you may not wish to visit our offices in person.  We therefore have IT and phone systems in place to communicate with you in whichever way you are most comfortable with, including Skype.

We have communicated detailed advice to staff regarding Coronavirus.  This includes:-

  1. Reinforcing cleaning regimes across all premises.
  1. Increasing the frequency of cleaning of such surfaces that are often touched such as door handles, desks etc.
  1. Ensuring all toilet facilities are continually topped up with soap.
  1. Providing hand sanitiser when it can be sourced.
  1. Ensuring all staff strictly follow Government guidelines re: self-isolation.


 Look after yourself and others by following public health advice.

  • Wash your hands before and after appointments.
  • Only attend our offices by pre-arranged appointments.
  • Return documentation to us by post, e-mail or hand deliver in outside letterbox.
  • DO NOT attend our offices if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus or are otherwise unwell.
  • Inform us if you would prefer not to attend our offices and how you would like to deal with your matter.
  • Do not bring with you to a meeting any person who is not required for the appointment.
  • Consider whether if you jointly instruct us, appointments can be carried out with one person rather than all.
  • Do not be offended if we do not shake your hands.

We will update this notice in accordance with Government recommendations as they change.

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