Lasting Powers of Attorney Taunton and Street Offer

Lasting Powers of Attorney Taunton

We have written a second part to our original post outlining our September offer. 10% off of Lasting Powers of Attorney Taunton and Street!

Here are a few more frequently asked questions surrounding Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). If you have any other questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the Office of the Public Guardian?

They are a government body that help protect the assets and financial affairs of people who lack mental capacity. When you draw up an LPA, you have to register it with the Office of the Public Guardian. They used to charge £110 for this service but they have recently decreased their fee to £82. This is what we are celebrating! This is a cost completely separate from ours.

Can my Attorneys take over my affairs straight away?

Yes. As soon as your LPA is registered, your attorneys will be able to help make decisions on your behalf.

You can enter a restriction into your LPA to state that your Attorneys must not act for you until you have lost mental capacity. However this needs to be certified by a doctor and can cause complications so you must therefore seek legal advice.

You can also enter preferences into your LPA on how you would like your Attorneys to act.

An Attorney has a legal duty to make sure that the decisions they are making are in your best interests. They can be called upon by the Office of the Public at any time to produce accounts to prove that they are acting correctly.

Do I need to seek Legal Advice?

When making an LPA, there are many things that can cause complications down the line if the it is not drawn up properly. Making an LPA without seeking legal advice could lead to an ineffective legal document, additional fees and even becoming a victim of fraud or coercion.

Don’t forget we work on fixed fees and there are no hidden costs. If we need to charge you extra, we will inform you before the work is undertaken. Make sure you take advantage of our 10% off Lasting Powers of Attorney Offer – it won’t last forever!

Click here to contact our very own Lasting Powers of Attorney Taunton and Street experts to find out more or book your appointment.

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